Walkbusters' Services

Your dogs will be treated as my own with the utmost care and devotion. They will spend as little time as possible in the van and have at least a full hour's walk on group walks and 30 minutes on private walks. We will walk in woody and grassy open areas as well as getting a chance to play in the River Kelvin! I will always make sure that your dog has a good run no matter what the weather is like.

If they get wet and muddy then I will towel them dry as much as I can.  As you know, a wet and muddy dog is usually a very happy one!

Collection and drop off are free. Before taking your dog on I will conduct a free consultation visit to learn more about your dog's character and likes and dislikes.

Discounted rates for more than one dog from the same house.

Group dog walks £8 per hour
I will walk an absolute maximum of 5 dogs at any one time and, wherever possible, your dog will be off the lead. Dogs enjoy playing in a pack and I will also play games with them with balls and sticks. Dogs can be kept on the lead at the owner's request.

Private dog walks £8 per 30 mins
This would be for dogs who are anxious in the company of other dogs. This walk would be in areas with fewer dogwalkers.

Doggy Daycare £16 8am to 5pm

This service is for dogs who cannot be left at home alone. It includes two 1 hour walks and a half hour walk.

Pet taxi service from £10
If you need me to take your dog to the vet then I can help with this. Mileage charges and a fee for waiting may be applied in some cases. This service also covers airport runs etc.

Toilet trips £7 per 20 mins
Perhaps your dog does not need a proper walk and would only need a brief toilet break? This service is primarily for puppies or older dogs.

Doggy sleepovers  £18 per night.
Why put your dog in an expensive kennel? He or she will stay with me in my own home and have all their creature comforts. This is good for dogs who require a lot of company, who have maybe came from a kennel and do not want to be distressed by thinking they are going back to one. All walks, food and cuddles are included.  All we ask is that you provide the pet's bed, brush, favourite toy and a piece of clothing with your scent. 

I only watch one dog at a time on sleepovers to be sure your dog gets all my attention, time and devotion unless two dogs are from the same house.

Other services

Away on holiday? We can feed your fish at £5 per visit as well as collecting post etc. We also offer a  cat visit service at £8 per 20 min visit. This includes cleaning out the litter tray, replacing food and water and play time with your cat. To look after 2 cats it is £10 per visit and for two visits in the one day for 1 or 2 cats the cost is £15.